Avila Textiles, Inc has been producing quality narrow woven fabrics since 1995.
Our equipment and trained personnel enable Avila to produce over 3,000 different
webbing constructions, meeting the strict U.S. Government specifications and
foreign customer requirements, with on time and on specification deliveries.

Avila Textiles narrow woven webbing is currently used in applications for aerospace,
parachute, back packs, tents, equipment for firefighters, and industrial gear and all
types of military applications.

Manufacturing webbing is Avila’s business, using high-quality fibers such as Nylon,
Polypropylene, Polyester, Kevlar, Nomex and Cotton in hundreds of styles and colors.
Our treatment capabilities for webbing and tapes enables us to meet military
specifications and the specifications for commercial fire retardant, water repellent,
mildew resistant and anti wick standards, and our warehouse and distribution
center are at your service to give you prompt deliveries.

Our professional customer service and sales team stand ready to serve your company
through our diverse capabilities and quality control. To take advantage of the Avila
narrow fabric webbing resource, please contact us at (508) 828-5882 or send
us an email to avilatextilesinc@aol.com.